Welcome to the Kadunk Games website. This site contains the current state of all projects being worked on by Kadunk Games. All games in the playtesting and future stages can be demoed on Tabletop Simulator or by contacting us by email.

Thief Tumblers

Current state – Looking for Publishers / Late Playtesting

2 – 6   Players /  20 – 40 mins / Ages 8+

Loot boxes are in with thieves and they are just handing out keys to everyone! The only thing stopping you from grabbing all you can is the other players, but maybe they could be useful as well if you promise a favor later.

Key Features

  •  Use color mixing to help make a matching set.
  •  Use the keys of players next to you or force them to use your keys for favor.
  •  Every loot box helps you get more or hinder others.

D.I.Y. Auction House

Current state – Looking for Publishers / Late Playtesting

2 – 4 Players / 20 – 40 mins / Ages 8+

Welcome to the D.I.Y. Auction House. Our rich and lazy patrons have sent you to work and bid for their desired items. Use your chosen job advantages and hidden information to trick others and win prizes from the six tables of ongoing auctions. Can you end the day with the most valuable haul or will you let your opponents do a better job of satisfying our patrons?

Key Features and Mechanics

  • Hidden Information
  • Area Control
  • Action Drafting
  • Fight over which table is up for auction. Aim for where you will win!
  • Actions from past rounds bleed into the next round with information remaining revealed and hidden while items continue to pile up

Boston FIG Showcase game!


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